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When a Laugh a Day Does Not Keep the Doctor Away
Dr Raja Dhar
5 easy ways to ensure good asthma control
1. Understand asthma
Knowing about the condition triggers (substances or conditions that bring on an asthma attack) and treatment, empowers you to take better control of your health. Do not hesitate to ask questions of your doctor.
2. Take medicines regularly
Take medicines even when you feel well. Just as some people need glasses to see, asthmatics need some medicines to breathe well. The doctor will prescribe the minimum dose to keep one healthy. When medication is taken regularly, one feels much better and can enjoy a more productive life.
3. Take Peak Expiratory Flow twice daily
A severe bout of asthma is an unpleasant surprise any time. But you can prevent it by measuring the Peak Expiratory Flow regularly in the morning and evening, preferably at the same time every day. A simple test to monitor the airway condition can be performed at home, which can predict the narrowing of airways well before the onset of symptoms. A normal reading gives peace of mind, while a lower measure gives you time to adjust the treatment with a doctor’s help.
4. Exercise regularly
It keeps you in good shape and enhances stamina. If there are asthma attacks during exercise, talk to your doctor who can help you workout with an easy breath.
5. Beat stress
Easier said than done! A realistic target, good planning, supportive network of family and friends, a hobby, and above all a passion for life go a long way to beat the stress monster. Practices like meditation have been proved effective in reducing stress and promoting a sense of peace, calmness and joy.
More on Medicines
  • Inhalers are friendly to your system. They reach directly to the lungs and work effectively. With a very low dose directly pumped to the lungs, the risk of side-effects is almost nil, when taken as advised. And one can never be addicted to inhalers. So puff on as advised by the doctor.
  • Steroid inhalers are absolutely safe, even during pregnancy.
  • Use a spacer to get more medicine into the lungs.
  • Clean inhalers under running clean water at least once a week, to ensure effective medicine delivery and to reduce the chance of infection.
Dr. Raja Dhar is Consultant Respiratory Physician at Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata
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