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Does Asthma Affect Your Lifestyle?
Dr Pradyut Waghray
Asthma can affect your lifestyle if it is not controlled properly. The intermittent wheeze produced by asthma causes some duress to the patient.

Also, since asthma attacks are more common during nights, the patient has disturbed sleep, leading to a reduction in his or her work output the following day. So, untreated asthma can impair your lifestyle. But the good news for asthmatics is that modern medicine has several reliable drugs to treat the disorder and ensure a normal lifestyle.

A healthy diet and exercise regime, including regular breathing exercises, go a long way in improving general well-being, which in turn can help keep asthma away. Breathing exercises like pranayama are especially beneficial to asthmatics.

Pranayama is a set of breathing exercises prescribed by yoga experts. If done properly, pranayama can effectively control asthma over a period of time.

Studies of Lung Function Tests conducted for asthma patients who practice yoga and pranayama show an improvement over those asthma patients who do not practice pranayama.

But adopting some lifestyle changes like practicing pranayama alone is not enough to control asthma unless you are treated for the condition. Treatment involves regular use of inhaled preventers, while bronchodilators are used as and when required. Lifestyle changes include avoiding smoke and dust, keeping away from pets and pollinating flowers, etc. also help control asthma.
Dr Pradyut Waghray, Consultant Chest Physician, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Specialist, Senior Consultant Pulmonologist, Apollo Health City, Hyderabad.

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