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Epistaxis or nosebleed is a condition where a hemorrhage occurs in the nose causing blood to flow out.


  • Trauma due to impact or excessive nose picking
  • Infections such as rhinitis or sinusitis
  • Polyps or tumors in the nose
  • Foreign bodies in the nose
  • Deviated nasal septum
  • Certain conditions such as hypertension, bleeding disorders, heart disease etc.
  • Pregnancy
  • Blood thinning medications
  • Incorrect use of nasal sprays
  • Inhaling harmful chemicals
  • Sudden shift to a high altitude
  • Extremely dry atmosphere


  • Blood flowing out of the nostrils
  • Blood flowing down the throat


  • Pinching the soft part of the nose between the thumb and index finger for 5 minutes or more
  • Applying cold compresses
  • Packing the nasal cavity with gauze or balloon procedures
  • Cauterization in case of persistent bleeding


  • Avoid inhaling dry air for prolonged periods of time
  • Keep the inside of the nose lubricated
  • Avoid straining while lifting weights
  • Avoid sudden changes in altitudes