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Detached Retina


Detached retina is a condition where retina of the eye separates from the wall of the eye.


  • Injury to the eye
  • Myopia or nearsightedness
  • Cataract surgery or any other eye surgery
  • Certain health conditions like diabetes
  • Family history of retinal detachment
  • Old age


  • Light flashes
  • Floaters or black spots in the vision
  • A dark shadow in the vision or loss of vision


  • Laser photocoagulation uses laser beams to seal any tears or holes that may be present
  • Cryotherapy involves freezing of the retinal tear to attach the retina back to its position
  • Scleral buckling in which scleral bands are sewed on the  outside of the eyeball to push it in and close the hole
  • Pneumatic retinopexy involves injecting a bubble of gas in the vitreous humor which presses the retina to attach to its position
  • Viterectomy in which the vitreous gel is removed and silicone oil is injected to press the retina into place


  • Wearing protective eye wear
  • Avoiding  trauma to the eye
  • Controlling high blood sugar