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Corns and Calluses


Calluses are areas of thickened skin caused due to repetitive pressure or friction. Corns are small round calluses with hard dead skin at their centers.


  • Tight or ill fitting shoes
  • Using tools without gloves
  • Certain structural defects of the feet like hammer toe etc.


  • Thick and hard area of skin
  • Raised bump of hard skin
  • Pain on applying pressure
  • Waxy or rubbery  appearance


  • Removing the source of pressure or friction
  • Using protective pads or gloves
  • Trimming or paring of the affected area by a medical professional
  • Antibiotics to prevent infection
  • Orthotics or surgery in case of a foot deformity


  • Wearing shoes that are neither too tight nor too loose
  • Wearing protective gloves while handling tools that constantly rub against the skin
  • Wearing pads to protect the bony parts of feet and hands from repetitive friction