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Collarbone Fracture


Collarbone fracture or Clavicle fracture is a condition where the collarbone, joining the breast bone and the shoulder blade, breaks.

  • Direct blow to the bone
  • Trauma due to a fall
  • During passage from birth canal in infants


  • Pain
  • Swelling and bruising at the affected area
  • Drooping shoulder
  • Sharp point under the skin where the bone has broken
  • Rarely, broken bone protruding out of the skin
  • Inability to move the arm


  • Medication to relieve pain
  • Realigning the broken bone and bandaging
  • Resting the affected area and arm  with help of a sling
  • Physical therapy to restore strength and flexibility
  • Surgery with help of surgical pin or plate in severe cases of broken skin or shortened bone


  • Avoid trauma to the collarbone
  • Exercise to maintain strength and flexibility