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Child Hernia


Hernia in children is a small swelling or protrusion under the skin, usually near the navel (umbilical hernia) or the groin area (inguinal hernia).


  • Tissue or abdominal organs like intestine or ovaries pushing through a weakness or gap in the muscle of the abdomen or inguinal canal


  • Swelling near the navel or in the groin area
  • Swelling becomes prominent on straining to defecate or while crying
  • Swelling disappears on relaxing
  • Vomiting or fever when protrusion does not recede

Umbilical hernia may get cured on its own. If not, surgery is the only way to cure it. Hernia at the groin needs surgery in almost all the cases. During the surgery, the organs or tissue causing the hernia are put in their proper place and the opening or weakness is repaired.