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B Positive Magazine
B Positive is a health and lifestyle magazine published by Apollo Life, Asia’s most trusted healthcare provider. Touching over two lakh lives every month, B Positive prides itself for caring for the health of its readers and enlightening them on topics related to health, wellbeing, fitness, beauty, diet and nutrition written by doctors, specialists and practitioners. This national magazine has a large subscriber base and is present in major bookstores and malls across the country. The magazine has monthly features that have premium space for brands considering advertisement. The tariffs are as
Advertising Rate B+ve Magazine
Back Cover 95,000
Inside Cover 65,000
Full Page 50,000
Half Page 20,000
Strip Add 15,000
Material Specification
Final Cut Size of the Magazine 21.0X27.5 cm
Full Page Bleed 21.5X27.9
Full Page Non-Bleed 17.9X24.9
Half Page Bleed 21.5X13.5
Half Page Non-Bleed 17.9X12.0
Strip Advt 21.5X7.0
Periodicity Monthly
Content Health & Lifestyle
Pages 100 Page
Print Order 1,10,000 copies
Circulation National

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